To make sure you get the most out of #SaaSMetrics, here’s the run of events. Check out the agenda below and stay tuned for further updates!

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12:50 PM

Welcome to SaaS Metrics Summit

Sophie Raymond

Sophie Raymond

Event Host, Future of SaaS

01:00 PM

Let your data tell the story

Shikha Pakhide

Shikha Pakhide

Head of Marketing, Jio Platforms Limited

01:45 PM

Going global: Product strategy and pricing for hypergrowth in new markets

Zak Virdi

Zak Virdi

Chief Revenue Officer, Xensam

02:30 PM

Metrics for financial success: Starting strong with a solid P&L structure

Idriz Adedoja

Idriz Adedoja

Portfolio Finance Director, Eat App

03:30 PM

3 frameworks to help track success & inform your board as you scale

David Appel

David Appel

Global Head, SaaS Vertical, Sage

04:00 PM

How to stand out and scale up in the competitive SaaS landscape

Ton Dobbe

Ton Dobbe

Founder, Value Inspiration

05:00 PM

Panel: Customer churn in SaaS - identifying causes, mitigating risks, and maximizing retention

Ton Dobbe Richard Convery Minna Vaisanen Ayman Husain Rupal Nishar

Ayman Husain, Rupal Nishar, Richard Convery, Ton Dobbe & Minna Vaisanen

06:30 PM

Hire slow, fire fast: How to build your team for success

Mark Ghermezian

Mark Ghermezian

Founder & General Partner, m]x[v Capital

07:15 PM

IPO or M&A? How to decide on your exit, and how to prepare

Karl Alomar

Karl Alomar

Managing Partner, M13

08:00 PM

Using PLG to regain your product vision & strategy

Partho Ghosh

Partho Ghosh

VP & GM, Product-Led-Growth, SecurityScorecard.

08:45 PM

Panel: Unleashing the power of analytics - best practices and real-world applications

Imran Anwar Kyle Racki David Sepulveda Brett Martin

Imran Anwar, Brett Martin, Kyle Racki & David Sepulveda

10:00 PM

The journey to SaaS metrics standards

David Appel Ray Rike

David Appel & Ray Rike