Minna Vaisanen

Head of Customer Success, Growth Engineering Ltd. Minna is a passionate customer success professional who is committed to delivering outcomes and fast time-to-value for customers.

Minna's talk broadcasts 07 June 2023, 05:00 PM

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About this speaker

Minna is a passionate customer advocate and lifelong learner with over 12 years of leadership experience in various companies. She has worked as an expat for over 8 years and has travelled to more than 65 countries.

Currently, she is the Head of Customer Success at Growth Engineering, a Learning Tech organization, where she is leading their customer transformation. Additionally, she has expertise from the Hospitality Tech industry.

Minna frequently contributes to the customer success community and hosts webinars for the Women Leaders in Customer Success series. She is also a mentor for the next generation of Customer Success leaders through the PowerUp program.


Stages Covered

Data-driven decision making

Customer success and retention

Strategic Leadership

Scaling SaaS businesses

The Future of SaaS