Partho Ghosh

VP & GM, Product-Led-Growth, SecurityScorecard. Partho Ghosh is a customer-obsessed, data-informed product executive & GM specializing in product-led growth and creating measurable product processes that lead to profitable growth and continuous market fit.

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Partho brings over a decade of experience in B2B SaaS, MarTech, & eCommerce. He oversees product management, product marketing, & product design and has also led the formation of several SaaS organizations' product growth, product analytics & product ops departments.

He has experience managing startup & mid-market P&Ls upwards of $250M+ ARR.

His product philosophy focuses on building the right thing first and gaining product adoption immediately rather than creating a feature factory. To do so, he communicates his product vision rigorously throughout an organization & believes product managers should work as a cohesive team focusing on product discovery instead of just delivery.

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Partho Ghosh