Partho Ghosh

Using PLG to regain your product vision & strategy

A Talk by Partho Ghosh (VP & GM, Product-Led-Growth, SecurityScorecard.)

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About this Talk

In this talk Partho will explore the critical role of product management in scaling SaaS businesses.

The session will delve into key metrics that product managers should track to drive profitability and growth, including customer acquisition cost, lifetime value, churn, and net promoter score.

Attendees will gain insights into strategies for optimizing these metrics and leveraging them to make data-driven decisions that drive business success.

Whether you're an experienced product manager or a founder wearing multiple hats, this session will provide practical tips and advice for unlocking the full potential of product management in SaaS.

About The Speaker

Partho Ghosh

Partho Ghosh

VP & GM, Product-Led-Growth, SecurityScorecard.

Partho Ghosh is a customer-obsessed, data-informed product executive & GM specializing in product-led growth and creating measurable product processes that lead to profitable growth and continuous market fit.