Mark Ghermezian

Hire slow, fire fast: How to build your team for success

A Talk by Mark Ghermezian (Founder & General Partner, m]x[v Capital)

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About this Talk

It’s no secret that founders need the right people for the right teams in order to scale their company.

As someone who has founded and led 8+ companies, Mark knows that a company's internal culture is closely tied to its strategic leadership metrics, and that it ultimately impacts the quality of its products and the types of customers it attracts.

During his talk, Mark will share insights on how to cultivate a strong company culture that aligns with strategic leadership metrics. He'll discuss critical hires that are essential from the beginning, such as those who can drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, Mark will highlight the importance of building both internal and external communities and how these relationships can impact the company's success.

Drawing on his own experiences, Mark will share stories of his successes and challenges when it comes to hiring, firing, and leading teams. He'll provide actionable strategies for attendees to create a culture of accountability and transparency, where everyone is working together towards a shared vision that aligns with the company's strategic goals.

About The Speaker

Mark Ghermezian

Mark Ghermezian

Founder & General Partner, m]x[v Capital

Mark funds the future of cloud and enterprise by investing in trailblazing SaaS products.