David Appel Ray Rike

The journey to SaaS metrics standards

A Talk by David Appel and Ray Rike

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About this Talk

There are many ways to calculate SaaS Metrics. The SaaS Metrics Standards Board was created with the purpose of defining, publishing and evolving the standards to define, calculate and utilize SaaS Metrics. 

Come listen to how you can leverage this effort for consistency in how you build the operating metrics for your company.  

About The Speakers

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David Appel

David Appel

Global Head, SaaS Vertical, Sage

David Appel is Global Head of the SaaS Vertical for the largest technology company on the London Stock Exchange, Sage.

Ray Rike

Ray Rike

Founding Member - SaaS Metrics Standards Board and Founder and CEO, RevOps Squared

Ray has been a member of executive leadership teams at companies ranging in revenue from $1M to $100B+.

Stages Covered

Data-driven decision making

Strategic Leadership

Scaling SaaS businesses

The Future of SaaS