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Panel: Unleashing the power of analytics - best practices and real-world applications

A Talk by Imran Anwar , Brett Martin , Kyle Racki and David Sepulveda

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About this Talk

In this panel session, we will explore how organizations can leverage analytics to drive growth, optimize performance, and achieve business success.

Our expert panelists will share real-world examples of how they have used metrics and tools to gain insights, make data-driven decisions, and implement best practices.

From predictive modeling to data visualization, we will delve into the latest trends and techniques in analytics, and provide actionable tips for attendees to apply in their own organizations.

Join us for an engaging discussion on unleashing the power of analytics!

About The Speakers

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Imran Anwar

Imran Anwar

Director CS & Digital Transformation, Microsoft

Serial "parallel entrepreneur"; futurist, innovator; global strategy, management, marketing & operations leader well-known for thought leadership in cloud, mobile commerce, micro-payments, and power of AI.

Brett Martin

Brett Martin

Co-founder / Investor, Kumospace

Brett is an entrepreneur, angel investor, pragmatist, and optimist with extensive experience in the startup world.

Kyle Racki

Kyle Racki

CEO/Co-founder, Proposify

Kyle Racki is the CEO and co-founder of Proposify, software that helps thousands of businesses remove the bottleneck of proposals and get more visibility into the close.

David Sepulveda

David Sepulveda

Head of Data, Kumospace

Former financial analyst with over 10 years in analytics & data science, from startups to publicly traded companies.

Stages Covered

Data-driven decision making

Customer success and retention

Strategic Leadership

Scaling SaaS businesses

The Future of SaaS